Principal’s Message

Principal's Message

One of the good parts of my role as principal is meeting with members of our St. Andrews community and listen to the changing learning environment, the students’ college entrance, and their life stories. St Andrews, composed of study coordinators, study tutors, students, and parents, can deliver faster learning and close management to students through a small number of elite staff.

Saint Andrew insists on using a 1-on-1 teaching method. Tutors deliver the knowledge in a manner that students can easily understand by daily 1-on-1 lessons, which allows the students to absorb the knowledge quickly and gain imagination, artistic inspiration, and wisdom.

Seeing the changes of students that change through this system and the moments students grow, has become a factor that makes me feel the joy of life. With us, students will be able to develop an infinite amount of imagination with personalized education that they cannot learn in ordinary schools.

Thank you.